Surviving the Holidays

Image courtesy of  The Migraine Mantras

Image courtesy of The Migraine Mantras


It is that time of year when so many of us stop for a few days or weeks, throw the fitness goals out the window like an unwanted bag of rubbish, and start an amazing marathon of binge drinking, eating, and general laziness that is stunning in its execution.

While some of the holiday dates can be used to relax and enjoy family and friends, letting ourselves go completely unaccountable for so long can be a difficult thing. We can find that it is harder to get back to the fitness levels we were at when we stopped, giving up the ‘treats’ can be harder than we realise, and all that we achieved in the last year, suddenly seems less like a goal and more like someone we used to know.

If you want to make the best of the seasonal holiday time and head into 2019 like a boss, then we have some tips for you…


When you are sitting down to the massive buffet that seems to never end, start with your meats first before you attack the carbs.  Grandma cant get mad at you if you fill your plate with roast pork, prawns, ham, all before you get to the dessert. In the days that follow, eat lots of lean proteins, good fats and low GI carbs. Healthy alternatives, such as berry’s, can help with the sugar cravings, and stop us from the high calorie left overs that are always lurking in the fridge.


Sometime when we feel hungry, what we are actually feeling is thirsty and our bodies need hydrating. This is especially true at this time of the year when the temperatures can be increasingly hot and humid and Summer seems to have finally kicked in! Try and aim for at least 2-3 litres of water a day. If you struggle with water, then go to the low calories options, such as sugar free soft drink. 


Instead of sitting on the couch for 10 hours straight, find ways to stay active.  Play with the kids outside and all the new toys from Santa, go to the beach for a swim and check out the white Aussie beaches we are famous for. Instead of watching the cricket, go outside and actually play backyard cricket. If all of this is still hard to squeeze in to your busy schedule, then instead when you wake up tired and early, go outside for a 30 minute walk. Not only are you up and walking around, you’re getting your 30 minutes in before the world is awake, before the heat sets in, and as a bonus, you can reduce your stress and appreciate the quiet time.

Hoping these have added some great ideas to your holidays, and bring in your 2019 with a BANG!!

Merry Fitness and a healthy New Year from the Evolve Team

Mich xxx


Tyson Munro