Monday Motivation


Do you ask yourself, “Where do I start?”, “How do I do this?”, or do you expect to simply be 110% switched on in your nutrition from day one? Hell no! 

So often I’m told by people "they cant be disciplined like I am", "cant stick to a diet", or they "would never have the willpower". So many don’t realise, this has taken years for me to get used to the day to day habits and nutritional structure that I follow every day. When I first seriously sat down and decided ‘THIS IS IT!’, I didn’t just change that day and manage to eat correctly as if nothing was simpler. I struggled to understand what foods I needed to eat, but I read, and I learned.  I didn’t understand to begin with why I couldn’t have 4 pieces of melted cheese on toast with avocado and tomato, and my Achilles heel of chocolate, ice cream and alcohol were still a staple part of my diet.

So what I did slowly, was change one or two things each month or two. I would change one bad habit for a good one, and allow that to become a normal part of everyday living that felt normal to me.  Soft drink to soda water, bread to rice, chips to nuts…

One of my biggest changes was chocolate and alcohol. I read the benefits of dark chocolate, and thought, that’s an easy change for a healthier treat! I was right in the change, but OMG! I swear it took me about a year to get used to the 70% dark chocolate. No joke! And then I learned how much better 85 and 90% dark chocolate was, so I gave that a go (that was another 2 years of struggle, let me tell you!!). I persisted and got used to it. Now I never consume regular chocolate if I have a treat, and I stick to only red wine if I have a drink.

Each person is different and have vastly different food issues, so see what may need to change for you, and read. Learn. Ask questions, but make a change, even if it is only one, and it may be the start of something amazing….

Mich xx

Renae Porter