Find a goal

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Have you ever sat there and thought, "I know I'm meant to do something great, but what?". I have , constantly!! I knew I was good at something, I wanted to experience that feeling of achievement, of finishing something. I would watch the Olympics and think, I can do that!!! Of course, that lasted all of 2 minutes, especially when I realised I haven't been training for anything since I was 5 and I'm now 40 :(

So one day, in a little town in the middle of nowhere called Port Hedland, there was a race called the Black Rock Stakes. A race you say? Sure was, but this was a very special race that had been run annually for many many years. It involved a team of anything up to 10 people, you had a bus or a truck, and you headed out of town 120km to an even smaller town called Goldsworthy. Here you ran all the way back to the center of port Hedland pushing a wheel barrow with 11kg of iron ore, taking turns of about 1 minute sprints jumping on and off the truck, and took over the wheel barrow like a baton in a relay. Why? To raise money for local charity's, be part of your local community coming together, and because you can!!!

So this was my absolute dream, goal, whatever you want to call it, and to me it was as important as being a member of the Australian team heading off to the Olympics!!!

 So there we were, a group of Hedland mums, all friends, cackling, semi serious and just having fun, setting up functions to raise money and really getting into the spirit. (I won't tell you about the double bed mattress that was thrown over the wall of the Pier Hotel at one such function, ask me and I'll tell you next time I see you...)

So aptly named ourselves the Yummy Mummy's, we found a truck, dressed it and all of us in every shade and attachment of pink, and we set off at stupid o'clock on the day. Honestly, it really did feel like we were real athletes, competing for our lives, and off we set as the start gun went off. Running, jumping on and off the truck, sprinting as fast as we could every rotation, with the most inspirational music in the background. 

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Not far into the race, needing a quick ladies pit stop, I ran over a mound of dirt and badly sprained my ankle. My life was over!! I got picked up by the support car and assisted back onto the truck, but my day was done.  I was devastated!  Those who know me well can already predict what I did next. I cried, I sulked, I made excuses, I cried, and then I cried again.  All of a sudden, I decided I wouldn’t be able to say I had completed the race, I wouldn’t be able to talk about this for years to come like all my team mates, and I had top change it, so I decided NO! I wouldn’t sit here with a sore ankle, I’m going to run still!!!  Well, hobble to be exact. No longer was there wind blowing through my hair, it was more like a sniffly tear and a bad rendition of Hop along Cassidy. Each time it was my turn to run, I tried to pick up my pace, and do better so I didn’t let my team mates down.

By the time we came into Port Hedland, it was about 12 hours later and the stars were out, the main highway was lined with so many people all cheering and yelling, and the adrenaline kicked in to such a point, I was sprinting. It was truly amazing, and we all crossed the line together, smudged hot pink war paint obscured by red dirt, all weary and dying for a beer, but every single one of us so incredibly proud because of what we had achieved, both individually, and as a team.

After much celebrating late into the night with an entire country town in the main street, and an early wake up for the official proceedings, I woke with the most incredibly damaged ankle I had ever experienced. What I did was certainly not the brightest idea in the world health wise (I landed up on crutches for about 2 weeks), but for me, it was worth it. Why? Because I achieved something. I focused on a goal, and rather than just wishing that I could do it, I made sure that hell or high water I did it. There was nothing, including my sprained ankle, that was going to stop me.


I can tell you, that every one of my incredible team mates feel the same, that this was a goal to remember always, and was easily one of the best times of our lives.  Not only for what we completed, but because we are all connected forever because of this experience, and we will always be there for each other no matter what.  Ooops, now I’m waffling, but I know that if we can do this, we can do anything. 

So I say to you. What do you want to do? It doesn’t have to be a massive task like climbing a summit, and you don’t have to do it for the next 20 years, but find something. Look for what you can do that pushes your comfort zones, push the boundaries, something that scares you a little each day until you feel that exhilarating sense of achievement.  When you start that first step towards achieving it, you will feel yourself changing, just a little, each and every day.

Good luck!

Mich xxx

Tyson Munro