It's a beautiful sunny winters day, and as I'm heading home from another training session on the train, I have this thought process running through my head:

It's 9 in the morning, and I managed to get my full 90 min work out done. I only have 4 more days to go this week, with 2 weeks left on the current program. I did my full 4 super sets, (not even going to attempt to count the total reps!), and all of this after we did skin folds. Skin folds! Ok, so I'm down ½ a percent. Is this good? Yeah, I'm pretty happy with it, especially with 10 weeks to go. Weight up 300g, but not bad.  Nutrition has changed slightly. Some days up 200 calories, some days down 200 calories, but only for 7 days. Ok, so I have now ½ an hour train trip home, another 15 minute drive, then I have 2 hours to do 3 quotes for my business, then I have an appointment at 12pm. I can fit in a meal at 10am, adding X amount of fats, then another at 1pm. The day follows as normal, until I plan to be in bed at 7pm, read for ½ an hour and then bed, giving me about 8 hours sleep before I do it all again...

Reading this, how does this make you feel? Exhausted? Motivated? At a complete loss for words and totally baffled with a capital w for WHY? I'm sure I'm not the only one, where numbers are a big part of everyday life. From hours in the day, weights of food and numbers of meals, even to a person’s daily weight. I have been coached for a long time in this very subject. The main point is don't get caught up in the numbers.

It's easy to focus on one small part of your personal journey,  become so set in it, that what can at first be a positive in the larger journey, can instead become a small tiny tunnel of your view where negativity can fester and grow, causing damage through stress, mindset, and so many more ways.  It has been such a hard lesson for me to learn on this one, and after nearly two years, only really started to not worry too much about my measurements and weight. Instead, I try and just think about the overall goal, and making sure that I have consistency, ensure I do the rights things daily, and most of all, try to relax.

At the end of the day, fitness and health really is a personal and individual journey, where no two people are the same. So maybe we all need to focus less on the numbers, take a deep breath, and stress less.  Who knows what amazing and positive effects this could have....

Happy Monday 

Mich xxx

Tyson Munro