Find a reward

Photo courtesy of  and Arnold Classic Australia 2016

Photo courtesy of and Arnold Classic Australia 2016

 As I relax and enjoy this Australia day weekend, I look at the calendar and suddenly realise, “Its almost February?” I start counting…1, 2, 3 days… I put down the brownie…. (yes it is gluten and dairy free, but still). A slight panic starts to enter my head.  Where has the time gone?  I started the New Year with so many plans and goals, but I start to wonder, have I really made steps to achieve them, or have I let the days slip through my fingers and allowed old habits to creep in to my everyday lifestyle. Its time for some serious thought. I know what I need to do, I know how to take the steps to achieve my goals, but how do I stay focused and inspired to stay on course?

 As we grow and develop through life, one of the things we are taught from our parents and role models is reward for work and results, and this continues all the way through our lives. 

“If you put your toys away, you get to watch tv.”

“If you do your homework, you can have dessert after dinner.” 

“If you meet your KPIs for the month, you get a bonus payout.”

 It is a continuous cycle that continues through our lives. So when we have a specific goal in mind, why not use this principle to help us reach this in the long term , but also help us achieve the small milestones that will lead to the larger overall goal?

 When you do decide upon that goal, it is important to look at what you want to achieve and why, but to also remember at certain points to say to yourself, well done! You did brilliantly, and take the time to have a moment and enjoy your milestone. 

In the past, I used food as my reward, thinking this was a positive outcome (and yes, everyone who knows me knows how much I love my food!).  Unfortunately for me, having a pizza, ice cream, cake and a bottle of wine, feeling like a reward in the hour or so of consumption, turned very quickly into a negative. I felt sick, full, but disappointed in myself for what I ate. Guilt become my new feeling, and then frustration when my results slowed or even stopped. It took me many years to change my mindset and instead look for other ways to reward myself. A massage, a movie with friends or family, something that was tangible but left me feeling positive, revived and ready for the next part of my training and nutrition. 

Now as I once again embark on a new fitness goal and stay focused as I recover from injury, I have something close to my heart as my reward. As my passion is in body building, I’m going to this years Arnold Classic Australia to watch the best of the best in the world of Pro and Amateur Body building. What a bucket list!! I get to do it with some amazing friends and colleagues who feel the same, and use this mini holiday to be inspired and learn from those incredible athletes in the industry who really set the bar high. For this, I know I can focus on my goals and start ticking off my own milestones. Watch out Arnie!!! Time now to redirect my thoughts, week by week, and plan my getaway.

 So, what is important to you? What’s a goal that you know you can focus on, use to drive you forward, and start smashing those milestones? Is it a holiday for you too? Is it a complete change in your outward presentation with a full make over and new haircut? Whatever it is, make it important and relevant to you, no matter the reward.

 I’ll bet that when your indulging in your chosen reward, and you look back at this day, it will truly be a moment to think, “Yes, I did this, and now I can enjoy this like no other”. 

 Now go and smash those goals!!

 Mich xxx

Tyson Munro