A Big Weekend - Easter


Whose excited for Easter long weekend!? All those bags of chocolate? (let’s be honest, one is never enough) Maybe catching up with friends with friends and decadence? A BBQ and slab that is so extravagant on that you’re full for two days!

A 4-day weekend in which the gyms are mostly empty, the parks are full of kids hopped up on chocolate and caramel before the inevitable sugar crash and adults are battling epic traffic just to get away from it all.

Let’s be real for a moment. No matter what your goals (see our earlier blog) this is a weekend people tend to let it all hang out.

Absolutely take some time for you! You’ve earned it. Enjoy yourself. Have some chocolate, have a drink. Just don’t undo all the work you’ve been doing the rest of the year.

 That bag of eggs you’re about to demolish? There’s so much sugar in it that your body does not need right now that you’ve just stored 170 g of fat somewhere on your body. That 6 pack with 3 hotdogs and all the extras? There’s so much energy contained in alcohol that your body must deal with that it just wants to store the food for later. All 200 g are going straight to the soft places.

download (1).jpg

 Lets break it down for you. That Cadbury creamer egg that you’ve been eyeing off all week?

 Contained within it: 172 calories

Fat: 6 g

Carbohydrates (All Sugar): 25.1 g

Protein: 1 g

 That’s 1 tablespoon of sugar!! So, you have one but that doesn’t satisfy you. You have another and you start to feel sick or guilty. That’s 344 calories in a very short time. What would that take to burn off all that energy you just stored as body fat?

 ·         40 minutes of Boxing

·         30 minutes of High Intensity training eg HIIT, F45

·         2 hours of private time with your partner

·         80 minutes of walking

 Take the time to think, do I really need this? It’ll help you make better choices this weekend. Chose chocolate like dark chocolate that’s much lower in sugar and higher in antioxidants. Go for low carb beer without hitting up some takeaway food after. Enjoy your chocolate bunny but if it’s starting to taste kind of samey and you’re only eating it because its there then put it away!

 For those with kids, now is your best chance to teach them moderation and save yourselves the inevitable tantrums that come with the crash. You’ll thank yourself later.

Be smart. You’ll stay leaner and you won’t feel as guilty next week.

 Now go and relax!