For some people, motivation is a key issue. At the start of a fitness regime, the beginning of your new healthy lifestyle, you will feel fresh, full of enthusiasm, and getting up each day is a pleasure.  Your gym bag is packed, water bottle in hand, and with fresh (sometimes new) active wear on, you head off to your work out and burn those calories. It almost feels like the first day of school!  To begin, your new lifestyle will no doubt will have included a trip to the shops, food list ready, discovering fresh vegetables, meats and even a trip in the healthy aisle. We’re ready!!

A week passes, your still going each day, a few more days or another week or two. Your step is not quite so spriitely, you might not be going to the gym quite as long as your work out states, or maybe your starting to look in the fridge and think, "I don't want that".  Can you feel that? The slowly ebbing excitement your started with? It's starting to feel like hard work now isn't it. To me, this is a normal part of any change in your life where you are trying to create new daily habits, big or small. You are putting yourself outside of your comfort zone, and it can feel like an effort. You have to sometimes dig deep right at the start. You have to ask “Do you want this?” Or do you want to stay in the normal everyday past habits? I didn't. I wanted a change for sure! But I definitely struggled with motivation and telling myself to keep going or keep trying, and I still do sometimes.  When I get in the mind frame that I don't want to do this anymore, I have one very specific song that I listen to, to remind me why I started. 

Way back in 2004, I signed up with the local gym and began my very first 12 week challenge, Body for Life, and we were  given a video to watch together. The theme song was Insomnia by Faithless. As I watched, I saw a new idea of weight training, cardio, a new lifestyle, a change and a possibility all forming in my mind, and all these new unfolding feelings were part of this song. I didn't win the challenge, I barely finished actually, and with very little change, yet there was still the desire of what I now wanted in life. I started new fads so many times, I won, I failed, but I would keep trying, and every time I came close to giving up, I would listen to this song and feel everything I felt that very first time. For me, this is invaluable.

So I ask you, do you have that one thing that restores your drive, helps you carry on when it gets hard or seems impossible? What do you use? A picture, a movie, a memory?

What inspires you?....


Mich xx


Tyson Munro